Make a Reservation 訂房預約


(On the phone) 電話預約

Cl: YNSO Hotel, may I help you?


Gu: Can I reserve a double room for tomorrow night? I would like a quiet room with a good view of the sea..


Cl: Yes, we do. May I have your name please?


Gu: My name is Malone Koa. I spell it for you. M-a-l-o-n-e, K-a-o.

   我叫高馬龍,名字這樣拼M-a-l-o-n-e, K-a-o.

Cl: Ok. Mr. Kao. We still have four double rooms available. How many days are you staying here?


Gu: I’m staying for about three nights. I’ll be there at 5PM tomorrow and check out May 8th morning.


Cl: Alright, just one second.


Gu: What are your charges for one night?


Cl: The double rooms are 1000 dollars a night including meals, 800 dollars excluding meals.


Gu: I’ll take 800 dollars one. Are there any extra charges?


Cl: No, sir. There aren’t. So, just to confirm, Mr. Koa, you booked a double room for three nights.

   You will check in at 5 PM tomorrow, May 5th through May 8th morning. Is that correct, Mr. Koa?



Gu: Yes, that’s correct. See you tomorrow.


Cl: OK, we’ll be waiting for you. Thanks for your stay.


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